Bolean Satisfiability

Introduction to SAT-Solvers. - Here.

Codification of Numerical Constraints for SAT. - Here.

Artificial Intelligence

Searching Algorithms, Systems Based on Knowledge and Computer Planning. - Here.

Theory of Computer Science

DFA, PDA, Turing Machines and Decidibility on Languages. - Here.

Administration of Unix Systems

Unix OS Distributions, Backup Policies, Local and Network Services. - Here.

Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition

Classification and Regression models (Credits to L. Belanche - UPC). -

Deep Learning

Quantum Computation and Cryptografy

Basics of Quantum Mechanics, Qubits, Quantum Algorithms and Cryptografy (Credits to L. Ametller - UPC). - Here.

Other documents

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating Point Arithmetic. Here.

Ultimate Computer Science Cheat Sheet. Here.

Map visualization and interaction (GeoInquiets). Here.